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Bobs Hints & Tips

Here are some hints and tips from Bob. To see how Bob answers, simply click on the question.

Bob, do you sub-contract?

Bob answers: Yes, I do. In my 15 years in business I have developed many relationship’s with other professionals. I have a Mother/Daughter painting team that is wonderful. I only accept quality or I don’t put my name on it.

Bob, my bathroom gets a lot of mold and is outdated. I am somewhat embarrassed. What do you recommend?

Bob answers: There are a variety of reasons that can cause mold. Let us take a look. We have seen lots of issues so no need to feel embarrassed. Let us find the solution.

Bob, I am getting ready to put my house on the market. What do you recommend I do?

Bob answers: My recommendation is you schedule an appointment with your real estate agent and me. We can go through the house to see what is the most important issues to address to maximize your re-sale value.

I want to take out a load bearing wall in my house to open the kitchen. What do you think?

Bob answers: My first thought is to have us come out and get a free estimate. From there I recommend you talk to you real estate agent to see how this will affect the value of your home. We have solid relationships with local real estate agents and can give you names if you don’t have an agent.

A friend’s ice maker line to her fridge burst. What can I do prevent that?

Bob answers: Stainless steel braided line helps to prevent this from happening. Please see our specials page for an assessment.

Bob, I hate cigarette smoke. Can you assure me your employees won’t smoke in my home?

Bob answers: Yes, I can assure you our employees won’t smoke in your home. We will respect you and your home.

Bob, is your company local?

Bob answers: Absolutely and our company will always be local to the Roanoke Valley. We don’t pay franchise fees and our employees are Valley residents.

Bob, when I call your office I get your assistant. Why is that?

Bob answers: I am always available to take calls. We employ a local office assistant so when we are on site working we finish the job without distraction.  When we are working in your home you are our most important client.

Bob, I really want to remodel my bathroom. My budget is limited what do you recommend?

Bob answers: I recommend you determine what you have in mind and keep an open mind. Let me come out to evaluate what you can do. You would be amazed at what we can do within your budget.

Bob, my friend went on vacation and came home to a leaking hot water heater. Thousands of dollars in damage. What can I do to prevent that?

Bob answers: We see this as units with age fail. My recommendation is that you are aware of how old your unit is. As the unit ages be vigilante for when it’s time to replace the hot water heater. See our specials page for an assessment.

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